What is the dance program/what category will we be joining?

We will be competing in the Mini Pom category this season. This is a pretty standard dance category and is most commonly what you see in high school and college dance teams. Pom style dance is focused on the choreography, patterns, and technique. Our age category "mini" is for those athletes born between 2012-2017. We are expecting a team size of 8-12 athletes. 

What is the weekly time commitment? 
Our dance team will practice one day per week for an hour and a half. Our practices and choreography will start in September and will run through March. You will be able to start a tumbling class in August for free!  
What is the financial commitment? 
Your monthly fee is $95/month from September-March. This is an all-inclusive fee and includes everything you will need, besides your shoes/uniform. This includes your gym fees, choreography, music, competition fees, practice wear, and an optional tumbling class. We will offer fundraisers to help you pay for your fees. Those that are already part of our cheerleading program will receive a discount on their monthly fees. 
What will our performance schedule look like? 
We will do 3 "local" one-day competitions (three hour travel max) and 1-2 performances at local basketball games/tournaments. You will have this schedule in August with plenty of time to plan!
This dance program will be perfect for those that are wanting to get involved in a team sport but not ready for the commitment that some sports require. Being involved in team sports increases self-esteem, helps build strong relationships, teaches discipline, helps develop character and teamwork skills, + SO much more! We can't wait to go on this journey with you and your child this season. 
If you are interested in the dance program, please click the "Contact Us" button at the top of the page or message us on Facebook!