Don't know how to pick the right class? We can help!



Our preschool program is the perfect way for your young child to develop fundamental skills like balance, body control, and how to make long-lasting friends.

Class Name: Tiny Tumble 

Ages: 3-5 Years Old

This is where the fun begins! Our Tiny Tumble class includes an obstacle course, bounce house, rock wall, gross motor skills, music & dancing, energy burning activities, and an introduction to tumbling basics. During this class, athletes will also learn how to stand in line, follow instrutions, and what is expected of them while they are at the gym. 



Our tumbling classes are helping students succeed with a focus on individualized instruction and essential character development!

Class Name: Fundamentals 

Ages: 5 & Up

Fundamentals prepares athletes for the next level of fitness and agility. This is our introduction to tumbling and the gym where we introduce the basics of tumbling as well as gym etiquette and important gym lingo. 

Class Name: Bronze 

Ages: 5 & Up

Bronze provides a solid foundation of basic skills needed to progress to more advanced tumbling. Athletes will remain in this class until they master the Bronze curriculum, which includes a backwalkover. 

Class Name: Silver 

Ages: 5 & Up

Silver is the perfect for athletes ready to learn a round off back handspring and standing back handspring. In order to join this class, you must have a back-walkover OR prior coach approval. 

Class Name: Gold 

Ages: 5 & Up

Gold prepares students for solid tumbling skills and helps connect a series of back handsprings and a series of standing tumbling skills.  In order to join this class, you must have a backhandspring OR prior coach approval. 

Class Name: Advanced Tumbling 

Ages: 5 & Up

This advanced tumbling class is great for athletes who want to go beyond the perfect back tuck and are ready for more! In order to join this class, you must have a running or standing tuck OR prior coach approval.